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New Kreepy Krauly SandShark cleaner is the latest evolution in automatic pool cleaning technology. First, it features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins that scrub pool surfaces and dislodge stubborn dirt. Second, its powerful vacuuming action whisks away both large and small debris with ease. Why settle for one-way cleaning when you can own the very best, a Kreepy Krauly SandShark?



Aquaclear's Price is only $403.49 (after rebate)
delivered and installed in the Greater Tucson Area.


* Installation not available outside of the Greater Tucson area (Delivery only).
* Additional charges apply to deliveries outside of Arizona.
* Sales tax not Included




Kreepy Krauly SandShark Video See SandShark Cleaner in Action
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INTELLIFLO Aquaclear's Price is $1425.00 for most installations, in the Greater Tucson area.


* Installation not available outside of the Greater Tucson area (Delivery only).

* Additional charges apply to deliveries outside of Arizona.

                                    * Plumbing and electrical fittings additional

* Sales tax not Included


IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump
ENERGY STAR CertifiedEco Select
Variable Speed Pump

IntelliFlo Variable Speed is the newest member of the IntelliFlo pump family with more features than ever before!

The IntelliFlo Variable Speed features 8 speeds with a programmable time clock for each speed and an LCD screen that displays actual wattage consumption and speed settings. It is the perfect solution for customers who want the savings and performance provided by dependable IntelliFlo technology with integrated time clock settings for code compliancy or installations without automation systems. This new IntelliFlo offers the same reliable performance and energy-savings that has made the IntelliFlo the best selling variable speed pump on the planet.


  • Energy savings up to 90% versus traditional pumps
  • 8 programmable speed settings and built-in timer to ensure the pump runs at optimum speed and duration
  • Ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor design reduces noise and vibration for greater efficiency and longer pump life
  • Dramatically quieter operation - as low as 45 decibels - about 4 times quieter than most traditional-style pumps.
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) design and low average operating speed makes IntelliFlo the quietest pump on earth
  • Fully compatible with IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, SunTouch Pool Control Systems and other brands of digital pool/spa controls for managing pump, heating, lighting, spa jets and water features.
  • Built in diagnostics protect the pump for longer service life

Unlike Internet discount websites ...when this pump is purchased and installed by a factory trained Aquaclear technician it includes an additional one year of warranty coverage for a total of two years of warranty coverage!

More Information About VF Pumps (Pentair Manufacturer Website)


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